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US Embassy pays $250,000 to a visa applicant for mistakenly granting her visa

The United States Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was left with no option than to pay a $250,000 compensation to an applicant who was mistakenly granted a visa to study in the States.

Roseline Beauvais was granted an F1 Class student visa to study in the U.S and was contacted by the Embassy in two weeks later that the visa was mistakenly issued. According to the embassy, Roseline did not qualify for a visa and the decision to grant her a visa was a mistake.

Roseline who had already made enough preparations to travel to the US for her post-graduate studies filed a lawsuit against the embassy for negligence of duty, breach of her rights and causing excessive loss.

In her suit filed at the Civil Court, she stated she had already resigned from her job, purchase flight tickets, paid school fees, insurance, and accommodation towards her intended travel to the States.

After several meetings with her lawyers and lawyers of the Embassy, the parties agreed on an out of court settlement.

The embassy has on Monday compensated Roseline with an amount of $250,000 for mistakenly granting her a visa. This is the first time in the history of visas and travels that a visa applicant has been compensated for being issued a visa mistakenly.

Roseline told the press that the embassy cancelled the visa with the inscription “Cancelled without Prejudice”.


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