The Art Of Being A Gentleman: A Lesson On Style

7. Get A Great Suit

Everyone looks better in a suit. It’s a fact. So invest in a great one or two and wear it when you’re ready to impress. A darker suit works year round while a great lighter suit is perfect for warmer months. Matching your belt with your shoes is a great suit look- if “Pitbull” can rock the suit with the “no tie” look for a bit of sex appeal, so can you.

The art of dressing as a gentleman isn’t as hard as you think and it’s definitely rewarding. Have a signature Look. This isn’t boring as you can have many different ways to interpret the same style, such as different colors, cuts and layers. For example, if you love wearing jeans, mix it up with a cute T-shirt and jacket .You can sometimes combine it with a nice sleeve shirt. As a bonus, a “signature look” shows you know what you like and what you look great in- there’s nothing hotter and more gentlemanly than that. FIND YOUR “LOOK” AND OWN IT.

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