The Art Of Being A Gentleman: A Lesson On Style

All style is relative. Dressing like a dude is easy. Dressing like a gentleman is a bit harder- like the popular saying goes-“every boy can have ‘swag’ but it’s only gentlemen that have class”. You don’t have to get bogged down by stupid myths or cliché’s like “IT’S UNNECESSARY FOR A MAN TO SPEND MONEY ON CLOTHING LIKE A WOMAN”. First impressions are the most important exchange in any relationship- whether looking for friends, “significant others “or a business deal- a person’s first summary of you will stick with them whether you end up changing their mind regarding you or not.

There is nothing worse in the “fashion stakes” than when old men dress like teenagers or when young men dress like retired veterans. There are just no excuses- dressing your age not only helps you attract attention from the right people, it also shows off the benefits of your short or long years and conveys an individual personality. As a consequence of your age, there will naturally be a great way to dress.

Here are Seven (7) tips to keep “under your sleeves” to give you that gentlemanly look which will keep everyone in constant admiration of you. Use the NEXT button to browse through them.

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