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Prime Minister Prayuth Cha-o-cha announces date for Elections

Prime Minister Prayuth Cha-o-cha is pleased to announce a new date for the General Elections today.

The army chief who was due to be retiring in September, staged a dramatic coup on 22 May and has been in effective control of the country as head of the junta that has replaced the civilian government.

On 21 August he was named prime minister by the legislature, in a move that was widely expected.
Under Gen Prayuth, the military had hand-picked the legislature, populating it with mostly military and police figures. It also issued an interim constitution in July that gives the military sweeping powers.

Such moves have triggered concerns that the military is seeking to strengthen its hold on the country as it initiates political reform. But Gen Prayuth and junta officials have argued that military rule has brought stability to Thailand following months of violent protests between the pro- and anti-Thaksin camps.

The elections will take place on 03 December 2016. Gen Prayuth is expected to contest in the election which is aimed to return the country back to democratic rule.


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