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First Gay Divorce Hits Court In KZN

What we fight for today shall be fought with tomorrow. That is exactly the case of a gay couple in KwaZulu Natal (KZN) who fought for their right to have same-sex marriage legalised are now fighting divorce in court.

The couple, MR & MR Jacob have been happily married for half a year and have since Monday filed a divorce with a court in KZN.

This becomes the first same-sex divorce to hit the world after some countries legalized this union between same sex.

According to documents filed by lawyers of the couple and copied to the media, the two gentlemen have issues with as to who should be a woman and who should be a man. Both prefer to be men and this has raised much controversies in the marriage since it’s blessing in a local church.

The court shall sit on this case on June 22 and in attendance would be family members of the couple, the media, and of course the president of the country to as history is made in South Africa.

It is not certain if South Africa would be entered in the Guinness Book of Record as the First Country to have a Gay Divorcee couple.

Disclaimer: Photo used is not that of Mr. & Mr. Jacob


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